What is the Chandra Dosh & Its Remedies?

What is the Chandra Dosh & Its Remedies? – Astrologer SK is the best kundali astrologer in India to bring you simple and effective methods to remove faults in the birth chart and native charts. Many people are suffering in their marital life, business pressure, health issues, mental condition, etc. this could be a sign of Chandra dosh or week moon. Here we are going to describe to you what is the Chandra dosh and its remedies.

What is the Chandra Dosha Remedies


Chandra Dosha and Its Effects of Chandra Dosha on a Horoscope

When the Moon is closest to the ruling Nakshatra (constellation) of a person it creates Chandra Mahadasha. Moon in astrological sense depicts mother, nourishment, emotions, fertility and public life. A strong moon can be reflected in wealth, happy relationships, successful emotionally strong, and balances. In short, the person becomes concerned with home, emotional and intuitive. Chandra dosha means weak moon during Chandra Mahadasha. The weak moon can create troubles in the life and relationship of the person. The unfavorable positioning of the Chandra in kundali is a bad sign as it makes the person vulnerable to negativities.

There is various kundali dosha but Chandra dosha can be fatal, breaking or full of difficulties. It triggers your relationship and emotional front. This can affect you physically and emotionally. The poor moon can reflect aggravated troubles and problems in life. The person with a Chandra dosha face loads of deeds like

What are the symptoms of Chandra Dosh?:

  • Depression, Stress, and tension
  • Fertility problems
  • Lethargy
  • Body pain
  • Mental stress
  • Disorders like personality disorders etc
  • Disrupted social life
  • Mental fatigue
  • Financial crises and losses
  • Estranged relationships
  • Broken relations near and dear ones
  • Sexual issues etc.

Best Chandra Graha Remedies

A strong Chandra in Chandra Mahadasha can make you wealthy, fearless, sensitive creative, wise, and emotionally balanced, etc. If dosha is persisting and issues are in abundance then look at some good Chandra mahadasha remedies by our Astrologer SK. These remedies will help reduce or eliminate the effect of Chandra dosha effectively. You need to diligently follow them to get good results. Here are the remedies which are as follows:

  1. Wear A Gemstone: A pearl gemstone in the little finger of the right hand on Mondays is recommended to those who have Chandra dosha. The weight will depend on the strength of the malefic moon. Purify the gemstone by cleansing it with milk, curd, ghee, honey, and clean it with sacred water.
  2. Do A Fast: Keep a Fast or vrat for 9 consecutive Mondays to reduce the effect of the moon. It is said to appease the deity. You can worship goddess Parwati.
  3. Do Some Charity Work: It will help raise the karma and strengthen the moon. Donate the needy by doing charity of daan. It depends on your ability that how much you want to give to the poor. It is best to donate sugar, rice, sweets, white clothes, porridge (kheer), etc. In other cases, you can gift or give white crockery, milk, or flower to a relative or loved ones. Silver and pearls can also be donated if you want. It is your affection and ability to make a daan. Serving the poor can help the most. Do all these things on Monday.
  4. To get the blessings of Chandra, make milk and rice pudding on Monday and donate it to poor, helpless people.
  5. To get lunar grace on Monday, put Ganga water, milk, rice and betasha or sugar in a silver vessel and give the moon inundation after sunset.
  6. Chant Chandra Mantras: To impress the god, chant Lord Chandra Mantras or Chandra Fraha mantras or Chandra Beeja Mantras. They should be repeated 108 times at any time of the day in one go. You can wear 2-Mukhi Rudraraaksha mala for better results.
  8. On the full moon day, see the moon god and should sit in its light and chant the moon-mantra.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) By Clients about Chandra Dosha Remedies

Ques: How long Does it Take to Remove Chandra Dosh?

Ans: Moon or Chandra is essential in a birth chart to be in the right position and has positive effects. It can affect your personality and health severely if there is Chandra Dosha. Depending on the severity of dosha, the remedies will follow and can take some times to completely remove from life. Astrologer SK is an expert kundali astrologer who has helped many lead a happy and fit life. Our baba ji will guide you with remedies that are reliable, safe and quick.

Ques: How Chandra dosh Effect to Love marriage?

Ans: If you are person with Chandra Dosha, then you might feel lucky one first place that you got married with your loved one as people with such dosha are not able to maintain a healthy relationship for long. The effect of Chandra Dosha is infertility, weak physical and mental health, financial difficulties, sexual issues etc. They will face problems at some point in life. These effect will start to crawl in your love marriage and can easily fall out of love and affection. It is essential you take steps and make your marital life happy.

Ques: Is it possible to remove Chandra Dosh by Chanting OM Mantra?

Ans: Yes, you can use these mantras but it is essential to use it under expert advice. Astrologer SK is a trusted astrologer who can help you get better results. There are several remedies to ensure that Chandra dosha is completely removed and does not occur in near future. Contact Astrologer SK for complete solutions.

Ques: Which is the best way to get rid of Chandra Dosh?

Ans:  A combination of remedies will always help but for this, we will need your Kundali. For each person, the birth chart and horoscope are different. Astrologer SK will help you with the best combination of remedies and mantras to reduce the bad effect of Chandra and turn it into positive effects easily.

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