How to Remove Black Magic Spells?

How to Remove Black Magic Spells? – Are you facing problems in your life? Are you having bad dreams? Do you think you had become a victim of someone’s black magic? To get rid of all these problems read this article, How to Remove Black Magic Spells? Black Magic is an old term that has been used for bad as well as good purposes. You might be facing obstacles in life that are making your life harder and weaker.

Black Magic is something that can affect your business, health, wealth, broken relationships etc. Kala Jadoo influence is very strong. Some people believe that black magic spells can’t be removed but there are many mantras and home remedies given by Astrologer SK Shastri Ji. He has the best mantras to Remove Black Magic Spells.

How to Remove Black Magic Spells?

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Symptoms of Black Magic

Most of the magic spells are done for specific purposes, therefore, there are endless symptoms. Black Magic affects every individual differently according to their life situation, their mental state and their overall health etc. Here are a few symptoms listed below and if you are experiencing any of the symptoms then you need a remedy for removing a Black Magic Spells from your body and soul:

  • Extremely bad headache
  • Suddenly extreme weight loss or gain
  • Blindness
  • Depression
  • The feeling of Negative Energy
  • Very bad breath
  • Not able to sleep or oversleeping
  • Eye turning grey
  • Excessive anger and imbalance of emotions
  • The victim will always be in pain

Influence of Black Magic

Black Magic affects your life very badly. It spread negative energy in the body and soul of a person. When someone is under the influence of black magic he/she can get hurt or injured by the person who has done black magic. Black Magic disrupts the proper working system of the human body and soul. This activity is performed specifically by Tantrik. The suffering can be very intense that it can influence people to give up their lives.

How to get Rid of Balck Magic Spells?

Black Magic is very influential but getting rid of black magic is not impossible. The first and foremost thing that you should know is black magic is done only for some time. You need your strength and courage to fight with negative energy. You have to keep believing in yourself that you can get rid of this Kala jadoo. Firstly we will discuss the home remedies that you can do at your home:

  • Read holy books to create positivity around you.
  • Chanting of mantra and spells will also help you.
  • Visit holy places continuously that will bring strong positive vibration inside you.
  • Don’t think of any negative thought in your mind
  • Use Laughter to break the spell
  • You should take a cleansing bath by salts and herbs in your bath water.
  • Wear a black thread along with Hanuman Ji locket that will protect you from negativity.

How to Remove Black Magic Spells?

Mantras To Rid of Black Magic Spells

Now let us discuss the mantras that you should do to get rid of black magic. The following mantras and remedies will only work if the person is courageous and spiritual. This following mantras will definitely help you in removing black magic from your body and will give you a healthy life:

  1. You have to take “Bilva Patra” leaves, put it on shiv linga in the temple every Monday and while pouring water chant Maha Mrityuanjaya Mantra for just 10 times. In case if you do it 108 times then it will be show result in very less time and will be more effective.
  2. Chant Gayatri Mantra for 108 times during sunset will keep you away from Black Magic.
  3. Chanting the “Om Hanuman Chalisa” Mantra in the morning after a bath in front of Lord Hanuman with a Deepak of Chameli oil is highly recommended to keep you safe from Black Magic.
  4. Burning the gugual dhoop over cow dung will remove the black magic spell from person and person will become normal. It shows an immediate effect.
  5. Amazing Daily Mantra that is Om Namah Shivay, Oh Shri Ram, Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay, Om Surayah Namah.

So the Black Magic can be cured of all the above remedies. I hope you that from this article you get to know about symptoms and remedies of Black Magic that will help you to identify if someone is under the power of black magic spells and come to know about the solutions.