Vashikaran Mantra for Delay in Marriage

Vashikaran Mantra for Delay in Marriage- People have been seen looking for the valid reasons why god delays marriage and what are the causes of delay in marriage. The reasons for late marriage in horoscope occur because of the movement of planets and stars in different houses. There have been several issues for late marriage such as the family’s not accepting your love partner, financial status mismatch, caste problem, dosh in Kundli, high age problem, spiritual reasons, and many more. Overcoming delay in marriage can be solved by best remedies of Astrology such as chanting of Vashikaran Mantra for Delay in Marriage, Jyotish tips for numerology, Black magic totka for early marriage, solving horoscope problems with the help of Astrology

 If you are fed up with every effort and looking for Vashikaran Mantra for Delay in Marriage then sit back and call our most popular Astrologer SK. His work-experience and advices have worked for many couples and families who want to get married. Here in this article, we will help you to know that how Vashikaran forlateMarriage will work for you. Vashikaran mantra is believed to be one of the powerful remedies of Astrology to come out of the depression due to delay in marriage.

 Astro Sk ji can help you to make your marriage happen soon with the help of top Vashikaran Mantras without facing any problems. All you need is patience and belief in him so that the best outcomes can be delivered.   

Vashikaran Mantra to overcome late Marriage – Top Vashikaran Specialist

 Many boyfriend-girlfriend, families, parents, are dealing with downs where they are not able to find the right path even trying all efforts they are depressed. So, Vashikaran mantras are a powerful mode of astrology that can help in letting you get married soon. These mantras are needed to be recited in an alone roam without any interference and keeping your face in the north direction. Vashikaran can be done by boyfriend, girlfriend, parents so that the reasons can be avoided for the delay in marriage. Here we will share some basic Vashikaran mantras which are the strongest to be chanted to avoid problems in your late marriage.

OM Mano Istri Mitra Vivah Sampan || OM Bur Mano ISTRI Vivah Purti ||

|| OM Mano Priya Istri Mitra Smabav || OM Mano Mitra Istri Devo ||

 || OM Purarni Istri Mitra Wapasi || OM Devo Purarni Mano Istri Wapasi ||



There is a specific ratan suggested based on horoscope reading to the person to avoid problems in marriage. He has a special Vashikaran Ratan which avoids all the hindrances which are a big cause of delay in marriage.

Vashikaran is one of those methods which can solve your problem in very little time. Our Astrologer Sk  has shown the most efficient way to cover these mantras with secrecy. He believes in letting people live peacefully. Moreover, he has been awarded several times for his works. He shares Vashikaraan mantras and also keeps your information secret. 

 Reasons for Delay in Marriage, Late Marriage Problem

The power of Venus and Jupiter is believed to be strongest in making your marriage delay. If both these planets are in the lower house according to your horoscope then this increases the chances of delay in marriage or late marriage. To bring these planets in 12th house of your horoscope is very much necessary. 

It is believed that the 7th house of astrology is believed to be the strongest and it tells about all details of your partner. moreover, its relation with Saturn tells more about your marriage prediction. If this house is empty then this becomes a strong reason for letting your marriage Delay. It is believed in astrology that the 7th house should be placed with planet Saturn then the chances of your marriage increases. Some more reasons which will cause a delay in your marriage to happen are:

  • Parents are not accepting your love
  • Dosh in Kundli/horoscope
  • Age exceeding  to get married
  • Not financially settled
  • Low job status or no good earnings
  • Religion mismatch

Spiritual reasons for delayed marriage

 Spiritual reasons are among those which are kind of no cause but it’s all about karma. One of the strongest spiritual reasons is the curse.

 One of the strongest late marriage reason is evil are invoked upon you through the use of some mysterious or satanic powers.

 There is nothing powerful than ‘Karma’ what we have done in our previous birth year has a great effect on our present times. So, one can conclude how to overcome the spiritual reasons by doing some upayas.

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